Bridge Crossing Ceremony

The new footbridge connecting the Primary and Elementary Buildings served in two capacities — as a path to a new destination and as connection with the past  — when Primary students crossed the bridge to commemorate their transition to the Elementary program. Crossing ceremonies are not uncommon. The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts traditionally use crossing programs when they move up from one level to another level. A crossing ceremony is also used at Fayetteville High School to commemorate the departure of seniors and celebrate juniors who move up to senior status.

The Fayetteville Montessori School crossing ceremony was Sunday, August 16th. Those students making the transition from the Primary program to the Elementary program carried a small bunch of pink and white flowers and were accompanied by their parents as they crossed the bridge. Once on the Elementary side of the campus, the students and their parents enjoyed lemonade and brownies, sitting on blankets in the shade overlooking the playground. It was one last quiet moment on the eve of the start of the Fall semester.